Ginimbi’s former manager Ms Shally now manages Scott Sakupwanya, her age revealed on birthday

The former manager of the late Zimbabwean socialite and flamboyant businessman Genius ‘Ginimbi’ Kadungure, Ms Shally has shared a profound realisation as she celebrates her 35th birthday.

Taking to her Instagram account on Thursday, Ms Shally reflected on the occasion, sharing a valuable lesson she’s learned.

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Ms Shally reflected on how we often lose sight of what truly matters in our pursuit of the perfect life.. She revealed how the past three years have acted as a compass, redirecting her thoughts and priorities. Reflecting on the past three years, she likened life’s brevity to a fragile thread that can be snipped at any moment. Ms Shally also revealed her newfound aspiration which is to strike a harmonious balance between pursuing her life goals and showering those in her inner circle with love.

“It’s my birthday today. Now in my mid 30s. We get carried away by chasing the dream = not spending time caring and loving those who are close to us. The past 3 years taught me life is too short it can be cut at anytime. My prayer it’s to balance chasing the dream and be a vessel of love to those that surround me… #thequeenispeaceful 🦁🦁,” Ms Shally remarked.

In the comments section, Instagram users showered Ms Shally with birthday wishes.

While Ms Shally has kept a lower profile recently, she’s been quietly pursuing her dreams. The celebrity public relations specialist now manages the businessman-turned-politician Scott Sakupwanya. Moreover, she is one of the co-founders of the promotions company ROAR Entertainment Africa, which successfully brought United States rapper Rick Ross to Zimbabwe last year. This year, they’re set to host another American rapper, DaBaby, who will perform at Old Hararians Sports Club on November 17th.-iharare

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