Seh Calaz comes to Mutaris’s aid, exposes how Passion Java steals money

Zimdancehall musician Seh Calaz has come out in defence of Nash Holdings CEO Tinashe Mutarisi amidst his debacle with self-styled prophet Passion Java.

Social media was awash with the duo’s unrelenting attacks against each other.

Tinashe Mtarisis claimed that Passion Java was deceptively using his ‘links’ with the ruling party ZANU PF to instill fear in him. He said the latter called him saying that authorities were coming after his business.

He even shared a recorded conversation of the call and claimed that he has more recordings including those where he claims Passion Java told him about the people who burnt his paint factory.

Passion Java, on the other hand, claims that Tinashe Mutarisi actually burnt his own factory to make an insurance claim. He reiterates that authorities are ready to pounce on him should he make that claim.

Seh Calaz Puts Passion Java On Blast

Reacting to the ongoing debacle between Passion Java and Tinashe Mutarisi, Seh Calaz defended Nash Paints CEO and exposed Java’s fake lifestyle.

Taking to his Facebook page, Seh Calaz, said he doesn’t really care who is right or wrong in this situation. He, however made it very clear that he will not be supporting Passion Java, as he labelled him a fake prophet.

Seh Calaz said that Passion Java’s whole life is fake, from his marriage, church, lifestyle, clothing to social media views.

Handina basa nazvo kuti ndiyani Ari right between the two. asi i stand with Man Tina because ndongoziva kuti Java ndewe fake pazvese. fake prophet, fake church, fake marriage, fake lifestyle,fake mhene, fake mereji, fake musangano. fake views, fake followers, fake Gucci, fake friend, Feki feki fekiii, chisiri Che fake kutenderera Capetown neku Dubai kuteedzaa njugaaaaa.”

He added that he wishes that people who have fallen victim to Passion Java will come out and expose him.

“I hope one day vanhu vese avo vanotyisidzirwa vachinzi ndini munhu wacho achinyeba ndine link re Musangano vachabuda pachena. Varikuitiswa ma deals ema mine claims,vamwe vakunyimwa Mari ye zvikwereti vachinzi ndokunyudza. Imi inzwa inini Java mudiki panyaya idzo, power raanoti anaro inhema.”

Furthermore, Seh Calaz revealed that there are some victims who have fallen victim to Passion Java’s fake prophesies. He claims that there are people who have been advised to give donations to certain countries if they want to God to assist them. He reportedly claimed that Passion Java’s wife is one who ends up receiving the money.

“Koita vamwe vanonyeberwa kunzi prophecy yenyu kuti Mwari vakubatsirei uchida zvifambe Enda unopa donation ku nherera Nigeria, USA not in zim, Apa unenge uchiendesa hako Mari kune madam yacho.”

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