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Improve Your Trader Skills With These Advanced Forex Trading Strategies

Advanced forex strategies, if successful, can take your trading to another level. It’s all about learning how to read the market correctly, understanding the technical indicators and knowing how you can act on them in the most beneficial way. 

Successful forex trading takes time and practice. There are no easy shortcuts to becoming a successful trader. Practice and dedication are the only things that’ll get you there. Utilizing advanced forex trading strategies is for the experienced trader. You don’t necessarily have to have years of experience, but you do need to have valuable insight into the world of forex. It entails using the best possible broker and having an understanding of the technical indicators that are a central part of many advanced strategies. The same thing goes for your ability to gain the needed insight and understanding of the market. When you assess that you have the needed expertise, you can start utilizing some of these advanced forex trading strategies. Get ready to become an even more skilled trader. 

Counter Trading

One popular strategy is counter trading. It refers to trading against the market. A weak market holds a stronger opportunity for a reversal. This means that you have the chance to get a stronger position in the market at that time. You have to find an opposite-directed candle. As soon as you spot more than two of these, you’ll know that a reversal in the market is on the way. When you enter the market at this time, it’ll be possible for you to gain an advantage of a low price level. 

Swap Trading

Swap trading is another popular strategy among experienced traders. What you do is you keep a forex position open overnight. The swap refers to the interest you pay or earn from the trade. You either swap long or swap short. In the long swap, you keep the position open to earn an interest. In the short swap, you keep a position overnight to avoid paying interest. The difference between the two interest rates will be your interest earnings. 

Arbitrage Trading

Arbitrage trading takes advantage of price differences in various forex markets. This strategy is based on buying more in a market where the price is lower and selling in a market where the price is higher. This strategy works best when there are volatile rates, as they will secure a larger earning. Finding a no slippage forex broker can have a direct impact on the success of your strategy. This is to be done simultaneously and so requires you to be swift on the fingers. You’ll often find more volatile rates when there are big global or financial events taking place.

Position Trading Strategy

If you want to experiment with a longer strategy, you could try the position trading strategy. This strategy is based on holding and maintaining a position in the market for a longer period of time. This is possible when there’s been a long-term uptrend that you expect to continue. You should always keep an eye on fluctuations in the market to analyze how long you should hold your position. Usually, you can spot the uptrend if the market prices have been below average for a while. 

NFP (Non-Farm Payroll) Trading

Once a month, Non-farm payroll is released. It describes changes in the job market in the US economy. This always influences the forex market and it is something that you can take advantage of as a forex trader. Right before the NFP is released, the market will start to fluctuate. If the market is in an uptrend, it might start moving downward or the other way around. If the market is going downward, you can benefit by placing a short order. Oppositely, you can benefit from placing a long order to gain from a market that’s rising.

Bonds Spread Trading

When you’re practicing bond spreads trading, you’re taking advantage of the correlative relationship between currency and bond prices. The bond market will usually reveal the price movement in the forex market as well. When you notice the low price of bonds, you’ll know there’s higher interest rates. This will let you know that it’s probably a good time to invest in various currencies as the exchange will increase correspondingly. Depending on the difference in yields of two bonds, it’s a good idea to buy one and sell the other. 

Open Position Trading

Open position trading is dependent on an analysis of open positions for all currency pairs on the forex platform. There’ll be an open position ratio that depicts the percentage of the major currencies compared to the total open positions. The ratio will vary from platform to platform. This analysis will tell you where other investors are focusing and you can open a position in the same pairs as them. You should also focus on comparing the trade volume of the various pairs. When there’s a high open position ratio and volume, it indicates an uptrend. This will be a good time to open a long position. On the other hand, if the open position is low and the volume is low, it would be a good time to open a short position as the market will be expected to go in a downtrend. 

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