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Bogus Dr Mathew Lani’s Lawyer Draws Critcism Online

Matthew Lani’s lawyer speaks about the allegations levelled against his client and has denied that he has done any wrong.

According to eNCA, the police say doctor Matthew Lani will appear in the Johannesburg Magistrate’s Court on Tuesday. He will be appearing on a charge of impersonating medical personnel.

Dr Matthew Lani was arrested Sunday night for impersonating a medical doctor. The witty character is currently at Brixton Police Station in Johannesburg. He posted videos and advice on TikTok, where he had hundreds of thousands of followers, and also sold weight-loss pills online. He claimed to have a medical degree from Wits University, but the institution denied this.

Dr Lani also used the identity of an actual doctor, Dr Sanele Zingelwa, who opened a fraud case against him. He was caught by security at the Helen Joseph Hospital, where he allegedly infiltrated and created misleading content. He is expected to appear in court on a charge of fraud and impersonation.

The lawyer said:

“I can confirm that Bongani Lani is in custody. He is incarcerated and charged with impersonating a doctor. He hasn’t committed this crime and is not a doctor by profession. There’s not a single person that he has ever impersonated. Neither did he ever use any doctor’s details to impersonate himself as a doctor.

“He informed me that he would go to the hospital regularly to actually get his medication. So, on a regular basis, he would take videos and all that. he has never informed any person whatsoever that he is a professional doctor, except for what he recorded on TikTok, which is just social media. And that on its own is not a criminal offence.”

Dr Matthew Lani will be appearing in court today.

Mzansi Mocks Matthew Lani’s Lawyer

The lawyer elicited anger online after his media address.




“But he was selling pills to people 👀 people bought those pills because they believed he was a Dr.”


“In light of recent impersonations, perhaps a thorough vetting of his legal representative is in order. 🕵🏽‍♂️”


“This guy should have just kept quiet and not speak to the media.”


“I’m gonna need the exact same law that came out in full force against the “Woolies looter” to show its might here.”

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