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Food Lovers Security Guard Accidentally Shoots Collegue Dead

Things took a nasty twist when a security guard  accidentally shot hs colleague to death at the Food Lovers Market in Greendale, Harare.

Privilege Chivanganye, 28 accidentally shot Jaison Dhlamini while attempting a gun that had malfunctioned.

According to the prosecutor Ephraim Zinyandu, the tragic shooting incident occurred during a shift change at the popular Food Lovers Market.

Chivanganye, who was responsible for handing over to the evening shift at 6 PM, informed Dhlamini of an issue with the Taurus revolver, a firearm he was holding.

Food Lovers security gurad shot dead

In response to this, Chivanganye passed the firearm to Dhlamini, along with six rounds of ammunition. Dhlamini then attempted to load the gun but soon realized there was a problem. The two men made efforts to address the issue.

In the midst of this process, Chivanganye unintentionally squeezed the trigger, resulting in a single shot that struck Dhlamini in the stomach, causing him to fall. Zinyandu reported that Dhlamini was immediately rushed to the hospital but, tragically, he later succumbed to his injuries.

Following Dhlamini’s tragic death, Privilege Chivanganye was charged with culpable homicide.

According to ZimLive, on Saturday, he appeared before Harare magistrate Themba Kuwanda and was granted a bail of US$80. His case was remanded to November 17.

Meanwhile, in a separate almost similar incident in 2021, a Zimbabwean man residing in Botswana experienced a devastating loss when his 14-year-old son accidentally shot and killed his 6-year-old sister. The father was subsequently arrested by the police and charged with negligence.

The tragic incident took place at the Mogobewabasadi cattle post in Tonota Village Sibangalizwe Ncube, purportedly borrowed a firearm from one of the farms to ward off potential threats.

Regrettably, during his absence, the two children began playing with the firearm, which Ncube had allegedly failed to secure properly. This led to the heart-wrenching accident that claimed the life of his young daughter.

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