Jah Prayzah’s exclusive Elegant Ensemble gig sold out for $30k

Celebrated multi-award-winning muso Jah Prayzah exclusive performance at the Elegant Ensemble has been sold out.

The 300 people expected to grace the Intimate Acoustic night on November 2 have all paid up their US$100 per head tickets and ready to enjoy.

From ths, Jah Prayzah has pocketed US$30, 000, something that is not easy in Zimbabwe’s market for a night.

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Jah Prayzah’s manager Keen Mushapaidze revealed that Jah Prayzah has been evolving for the past years, musically, on his personality and businesswise, and this particular gig was always on the cards.

“This kind of gig was always on the cards; we were just waiting for the right moment. Jah Prayzah has been developing as a brand for the past years and the numbers and the brands he has managed to attract are a testimony.

“He creates music for everyone but on this gig he will be doing an intimate and up close gig which will cater for the few who can manage to pay for such an experience. It’s going to be a very different and unique gig by JP and those who have attended previous gigs and have a chance to grace this one will attest.

Jah Prayzah performing at one of his intimate sessions
Jah Prayzah performing at one of his intimate sessions

“I can’t explain how different it will be, but I can simply say fans have to come and witness on their own because JP and the band are working tirelessly to make sure the event will be historic and always stay in people’s memories and hearts,” said Mushapaidze.

Already, through the gig JP has broken the record. He is the only new-age artiste to hold a show with a ticket that is valued at US$100.

It’s only the late legendary musician Dr Oliver Tuku Mtukudzi who could pull such shows and fill venues.

By emulating and following Tuku’s footsteps, does it mean JP has reached legendary status?

“I can’t respond to that but the people who will attend the gig are the ones who will say. What I know of is that tickets are selling very well and we are already planning a second gig of this nature so that we accommodate those who won’t be able to buy tickets on time.

“JP is not about chasing clout or proving a point. He has positioned himself very well in the local and international music sphere and whatever he does is to maintain that. Only his fans can crown him as a legend,” said Mushapaidze.

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