Mathew Lani did not commit any crime: Court

Matthew Lani is now a free man as the charges of identity fraud and impersonating a medical doctor have been dropped.

The National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) confirmed that the case has been withdrawn after the Tik Tok doctor made his first appearance in the Johannesburg Magistrate’s Court on Tuesday.

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“He was doing whatever he was doing on TikTok for entertainment — it is not impersonation and it’s not a crime,” Mabunda said, adding that the claims were baseless as no one had come forward to say Lani had prescribed any medication for them,” Lani’s lawyer Dumisani Mabunda said.

“The hospitals, the least they could have done was to maybe ban him going to hospitals and taking videos and, if he were to continue with that, then that would be trespassing and they would have a case against him.”

“On the other hand, HPCSA [Health Professions Council of South Africa], the least they could have done was maybe to interdict him or stop him from doing those videos,” he said.

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