Chief Azwindini Leaving Muvhango

Gabriel Temudzani better known on Muvhango as Chief Azwindini is reportedly leaving the show for good. Today would be his last episode, Harare Live has learned.

According to sources, he is leaving the soapie after 23 years of acting in the same role.

Azwindini has undoubtedly experienced his share of highs and lows during his tenure on the show, and he has even previously been on the verge of passing away a few times.

Speculation of his departure from Muvhango left many of his fans reeling with uncertainty but this recent announcement has finally cast the dye on his fate.

Where Is Chief Azwindini Going, New Drama

The Actor’s plans after quitting the program are yet unknown.

Gabriel Temudzani has lately debunked online rumours regarding his death via his social media sites, even though the news of his departure from the show has not yet been officially announced.

This week, Temudzani posted an Instagram story calling the reports of his death “Fake News.” In addition, he soon followed this up with pieces showcasing his fitness regimen to ease supporters’ concerns.

We do not know where he will go after leaving the show because he has not mentioned anything besides that he is going.

Chief Azwindini, Gabriel Temudzani Family

Temudzani was born on February 10, 1980, in the Venda village of Tshivhilidulu, Nzhelele, to a farmer’s mother and Father.

He developed a fascination for gardening when he was younger, which he also did as a hobby. He pursued a degree in agriculture to realize his ambition of working on a ranch.

Temudzani connected his newly obtained information to the assets he received from his Father as if they were a regular occurrence.

He attended acting classes as a teen after developing a taste for acting. Something intriguing happened in a theatre lesson when a nearby teacher joined.

Azwindini Leaving Muvhango 2023
Muvhango: Gabriel Temudzani with his ex-wife (Source: Celebgegieus)

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