Simpsons predicts Elon Musk’s fall

Over this past Sunday a new episode of The Simpsons aired, which may or may not predict Elon Musks fate.

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Known for making predictions that are weirdly spot on, this week’s episode of The Simpsons focuses on Mr Burns, who falls in love with a college dropout CEO named Persephone. In honour of his lover’s birthday Mr Burns surprises Persephone with a gift.

What’s the gift you ask? Well Mr Burns buys the social media app, Twitter for Persephone.

After giving her the gift Mr Burns goes on to tell Persephone that he purchased the app for a bargain price because its previous owner had to sell it after his self-driving Mars rocket slammed into the international space station.

“I bought you Twitter, the whole company! It was a bargain, the previous owner had to sell it after his self-driving Mars rocket crashed into the international space station”, Mr Burns told Persephone.

Now this wouldn’t be as convincing as it is, especially if The Simpsons hadn’t already predicted that the Billionaire and Tesla founder would purchase the social media app, Twitter.

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Elon Musk’s name is not mentioned in this episode however, he is the current owner of X; formerly Twitter and has said that he will be sending rockets to Mars through his company SpaceX.

The Simpsons just warned us that one of Musk’s spaceship’s is going to collide with the US space station -they’re undefeated at calling the future tragedy”, one user shared on X.

Another user said: “Oh man The Simpsons took down Elon hard last night…”

Watch episode here.

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