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Fiction Blurs with Reality: Lindani Nkosi’s Onscreen Demise as Chief Ngwenya in Isitha Leads to Confusion

Isitha: The Enemy Chief Ngwenya Actor Lindani Nkosi Has Not Died

Veteran actor Lindani Nkosi is very much alive and has not died as alleged on social media particularly X (formerly Twitter).

On Sunday, rumors that Lindani Nkosi had died spread like wildfire on X, with numerous posts stating that the actor had passed away. However, these posts lacked specific details regarding the cause of his alleged death.

Entertainment Commentator Sets the Record Straight

Entertainment commentator Phil Mphela took to X to set the record straight, confirming that Lindani Nkosi has not died and is indeed alive. In a reassuring tweet, Mphela wrote,

“Lindani Nkosi is alive. Catch Lindani Nkosi’s great performance as Mshengu on #MyBrothersKeeper.”

Social Media Reactions

Upon hearing the news, many X users heaved a sigh of relief and criticised those who had shared the false information without verifying its accuracy. Here are some of their reactions:


@le_awty we need to invoke that sanction on @ApstDeza🤭 I am done defending him😂


People just ki*ll a person when they are alive😭😭



Yoh, thank you Phil, was so heartbroken. Batho ba jwang mara? How do you come up with such? Mxm 


There should be some sort of consequence/punishment for lying about such things

Possible Reason Why People Thought Lindani Nkosi Had Died

Lindani Nkosi is a renowned actor, best known for his role as Lincoln Sibeko in the popular soap opera Isidingo. He also portrayed Nelson Mandela in the 2004 film “Drum” and served as the muppeteer for Moshe, the giant meerkat from the hit South African children’s show “Takalani Sesame.”

In recent times, Nkosi has delivered exceptional performances in the etv telenovelas “Isitha: The Enemy” as Chief Ngwenya and in “Smoke & Mirrors” as Samson. He is also currently starring in Mzansi Magic’s new telenovela “My Brother’s Keeper” as Mshengu.

It’s worth noting that the confusion that Lindani Nkosi had died may have arisen from his portrayal of Chief Ngwenya in “Isitha: The Enemy,” where his character is tragically killed by his on-screen wife, Queen Nomcebo Ngwenya portrayed by the seasoned Dawn Thandeka King.

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