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“Shamva Tragedy: Woman Fatally Assaults Daughter Over Misuse of Mealie-Meal and Cooking Oil For Mahumbwe

A woman from Shamva has been arrested for killing her daughter after beating her for using mealie-meal and cooking oil in pretend play known as mahumbwe in Shona or ukudlala in Ndebele.

According to a police statement seen by Pindula News, the 35-year-old woman used a switch to hit her 9-year-old daughter on her entire body, resulting in her death. Read the statement:

Police in Shamva have arrested Sinalence Kufandirori (35) in connection with a case of murder in which she hit her daughter, Ropafadzo Meki (9) with a switch, all over the body, for allegedly using mealie –meal and cooking oil to play mahumbwe on 03/11/23 at Maxton Farm. The child died on the way to a local self-proclaimed prophetic healer in the area.

Several cases have emerged where parents or guardians have killed their children while trying to discipline them. One such case involved a woman named Lydia Kahwema who was jailed for four years for killing her 13-year-old son. The boy was sent home from school for not having a pen, and Kahwema brutally attacked him with switches and smashed his head against the wall. The judge described the attack as a form of domestic violence and emphasised the importance of maintaining a peaceful and loving home environment.

In another case, a woman named Madzimai Yeukai Mutero was acquitted of murder this year after fatally assaulting her son for joining a secret cult of Zyinyau dancers. The court found that she had acted within the confines of the law and had used moderate force in administering corporal punishment.

There was also a case where a man named Ronald Moda allegedly killed his three-year-old niece by banging her head against the wall after she soiled herself. Moda claimed that he was given permission to discipline the child.

These cases highlight the debate surrounding the administration of corporal punishment on children and the importance of ensuring their safety and well-being.

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