‘They waited for her to gain weight’: SARS comes after Sophie Ndaba in R23m tax evasion charges

The taxman has seemingly caught up with South African actress and entrepreneur Sophie Ndaba and she has been asked to pay the sum of R23 million in tax returns following two letters from the South African Revenue Services (SARS).

The actress is said to be owing the sum via her company, Sophla Trading. A previous summons reportedly went unheeded, leading the revenue body to issue another one

The news of the alleged debt to the SARS left many South Africans puzzled how she could owe so much even though it was common knowledge that she struggled for a while financially amid other personal woes. As a result, many expressed the view that taxation should be simplified for all South Africans.

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Some expressed concern for the actress, wondering how she would be able to cover such a debt. The actress herself has not said anything about the whole drama yet. It is unclear when she would address it all.
Sopie Ndaba suffering from Weight loss
Sopie Ndaba suffering from Weight loss

Sophie Ndaba Gains Weight

Veteran actor Sophie Ndaba, renowned as Queen Moroka in Generations, opened up about her mental health like never before after overcoming depression in the last few years.

The 49-year-old star got candid about falling into depression after going through severe weight loss when she was diagnosed with diabetes.

“I always wondered what happened to the spirit of Ubuntu. Not a lot of people will understand what you go through or the fight you’re fighting but just knowing that people are in your corner always means a lot,” Ndaba said.

“I went through a lot these past years. I was 85kg and lost almost half of that… all I needed to hear at the time, especially from people closest to me, was ‘You’re going to be alright’. Yes, there were those who cheered me up but the ones I expected more from were the ones who said the worst things to me.

“This is why I am glad to be talking on the mental health topic because I learnt how to deal with navigating people’s opinions about me. I was told I would never be loved by anyone based on how I look right now. I feel I will be able to help enlighten others on how I chose not to allow anyone’s opinion about me to affect me anymore.”

Social media got fiery recently when she showed pictures of herself glowing after showing up in public with a frail figure.

Sophie Ndaba Not Only Celeb Haunted By SARS

Sophie Ndaba is one of a couple of South African celebs who have had trouble with the taxman. Previously, the rapper Khuli Chan was outed for owing, and so was the businesswoman Shauwn Mkhize, whose alleged debt to the SARS was way higher

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