Babes Wodumo Filmed Dancing Before Her Late Mother-In-Law’s Coffin

Controversial Gqom musician Babes Wodumo is trending once again on social media after another video of her dancing “ivosho” at her mother-in-law’s funeral emerged.

In the video which has since gone viral on the internet, the unapologetic Babes Wodumo can be seen dancing in front of Mampintsha’s mother’s ZamaNguni Gumede’s casket.

Babes Wodumo who is well known for her impeccable Gqom dance moves hits the dancefloor and shows off her famous dance moves, including the “vosho” as she sings along to her late husband’s hit song Ngeke.

Watch the video here;

This is not the first time, Babes has been caught on camera dancing at funerals. When her husband Mampintsha died late last year, Babes Wodumo was seen dancing at his memorial and his funeral.

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The videos sparked mixed reactions on the internet as critics accused her of inappropriate behaviour and disrespecting her late husband and his family. On the other hand, another section on social media came to her defence, arguing that it was her way of grieving.

Recently another video of Babes singing and dancing at her mother-in-law Zamanguni Gumede’s memorial service held on Friday went viral also.

Now that another video has emerged, social media users think Babes Wodumo is taking it a little bit too far.


Yoh guys. Yerrrrrrrrrrr. Babes is never making it out of the Cringest Compilations Catalogue with this one. This is too much💔💔💔💔


This is not normal. It is good to stand out differently but don’t do weird things to this point. Batho ba Natal ba jwang hey?


God forbid, Don’t be shocked when you wake up and she had committed suicide. This is not okay on a lot of levels, but each to his/her own as they say.-iHarare

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