Use of Skomota in Exam Papers Sparks Controversy: ‘No Womder They Hire Foreigners’

Raises Concerns about Quality of Education in South Africa

The recent inclusion of Skomota, a well-known South African celebrity, in an examination paper, has sparked widespread controversy and debate across social media platforms.

The Department of Education’s choice of Skomota for an exam has everyone on social media in an uproar. Netizens aren’t happy about it, and they’re questioning what this means for education in South Africa.

Critics think using a celebrity like Skomota undermines the whole examination process, not to mention the value of academic excellence. They believe that educational institutions should instead focus on academic excellence and real-life skills instead of pop culture references that don’t actually teach students anything meaningful.

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Here are some of the responses online;

Conversely, supporters of the Department of Education’s decision to incorporate Skomota into the examination paper argue that the controversy surrounding the celebrity’s inclusion is unwarranted. They point out that using celebrities as case studies or reference points in academic assessments is not unprecedented and has been done in the past without significant backlash. They assert that the uproar surrounding Skomota’s appearance in the examination paper is largely attributable to the celebrity’s status and public persona, rather than any inherent flaw in the educational approach adopted by the department.

Furthermore, the controversy has also raised questions about the perception of the quality of education in South Africa. Some businesses in the country have preferred hiring foreigners, particularly Zimbabweans, citing their stronger educational backgrounds.

This trend suggests that there may be perceived inadequacies in the local education system, which could be driving employers to seek talent from neighbouring countries.

While differing perspectives exist regarding the appropriateness of incorporating celebrities into academic assessments, education stakeholders need to prioritize educational excellence and the cultivation of a skilled workforce that meets the diverse needs of the nation.

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