Makhadzi gifted brand new Ford truck as brand ambassador

Limpopo-born artist Makhadzi, real name Ndivhudzannyi Ralivhona, has signed an ambassadorial contract with a local company as their face and was accorded a brand new Ford pickup truck as part of the package.

Taking to social media, the star said it was her dream to own a Ford Wildtrack which is able to navigate difficult terrain.

His major excitement is how she will be able to travel to Limpopo this festive season during the rainy season without difficulty.

Here is what she said on X,

🎉🎉. I used to have stress all the time when I had to go home at my village and vacation especially during festive seasons, because theres lot of rain 🌧️.
FINALLY, God made it happen for me to sign ✍️ a deal with CMH KEMPSTER FORD HATFIELD .,
I am proudly happy 🎉to announce that iam your new brand ambassador of @cmhfordhatfield I choose to drive a Ford ranger WILDTRACK because I WANT TO ENTER EVERY PLACE ANYTIME ! RAIN or NO RAIN KEYAKENA! Ndiyadzhena! Nanghena ! Make sure you get yours To avoid canceling our invite’s because the road blabla and the rain blabla. Enter everywhere anytime , rain or no rain with @cmhfordhatfield Bye bye potholes 🎉🎉🎉

Makhadzi Sued For Failing To promote Kokovha Brand

Makhadzi once signed a R120 million contract to start a sneaker brand named after her successful album Kokovha but it dismally failled.

Makhadzi and her now-former record label, Open Mic Productions were ordered to pay R8.2 million due to a breach of contract.

The singer failed to promote the Kokovha sneakers after signing a deal with the company.

According to a local publication, Makhadzi’s failure to oblige to the agreement of promoting the sneakers by wearing them to shows and on stage led to a huge loss for the company.

Kicks Sportswear founder and CEO Sammy Mhaule has opened a new store and has further business without the Limpopo-born star.

“I know that I spent a lot of time working on Kicks Kokovha and hoping it would work with Makhadzi as the one promoting this brand,” said Mhaule.

“We had bigger plans but they all went down the drain because she did not keep up with the terms and conditions of our agreement.”

“Yes, Kokovha, which was meant to be hers to work on, is going at half price because I need to get my money back, it’s like they left me to do damage control myself.

“However, I am excited to have also launched Champion X and I believe it will run in the direction I expect it to.”

Kicks Kokovha representative, Nacinda Combrink from Radley Attorneys, said they had since served Makhadzi and Open Mic with rule 35 discovery notices and have not received a response to date.

Makhadzi and the music company aren’t happy with the amount demanded damages.

“They wanted us to pay back their R8.2-million, but all that money for what?” asked Spokesperson for Open Mic and Makhadzi Nkateko Maluleke.

“We do not understand what they want from us, and they rush every explanation through the court and not straight to us. I would say there is still no update from our side so far, because we want to understand, R8.2-million for what?”



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