Why Zimbabweans hate Makhadzi? Trolled for doing Enzo Ishal’s “raroorwa” challenge

Makhadzi has been receiving a lot of hate from Zimbabweans lately, which stemmed from the time she performed in the United Kingdom.

The South African musician took to TikTok to share a clip of herself doing the Raroorwa challenge. The video was then shared on ZimCelebs’ official Instagram page, and she got attacked in the comment section.

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Like many other creatives who jumped on the challenge, Makhadzi nailed it to perfection. She acted like she was on the phone like the singer Enzo Ishall did on the song and went on to lip-sync to Shona perfectly.

In the caption, she wrote, “Me speaking Shona after I ate kosolo and beetroots’.

In Zim Celebs’ comment section, many people showered the Venda musician with hate in the comment section. Some said that Makhadzi wanted to be Zimbabwean so much, and others trolled her looks.

However, others showered her with love and said she nailed the challenge. Others were preaching love on behalf of Makhadzi and asked trolls to let her be and let her create her content in peace. One comment read:

The amount of hate you show for this lady is just too much ,it’s a trend iri kuitwa nemunhu wese that’s why it’s called tik tok ndosaka titongwa takangoti vavava ,it some of the punishment we get for the hate we give

Why Zimbabweans have been attacking Makhadzi?

Makhadzi was on the lineup of artists performing in the Leicester Show in the UK. After the show, she went to social media to attack Winky D for performing over his allocated time. This angered many Zimbabweans as Winky D is one of the most respected musicians in the country.

Makhadzi later apologized, but many Zimbabweans have not been so forgiving at a recent show in Kadoma. Makhadzi had cans thrown on stage while she was performing.-iHarare

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