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Watch: Zambian witch crash lands in Budiriro Cabs, Harare

An old woman believed to be a witch crash landed in a sewage stream in Budiriro West near Cabs houses much to the surprise of residents in the area.

Reports of the fallen witch quickly spread in the neighbourhood sending many residents in a rush to catch a glimpse.

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The unidentified woman claimed in a video obtained by Harare Live that she flew from Chiawa/ Chiaba, Zambia in a flying saucer and crash-landed in a stream flowing with sewage in the early hours of Thursday.

Chiawa is located along the Zambezi River between Zambia and Zimbabwe.

She claims that she near;y drowned but was lucky to survive.

Maria Chiwesi, a resident in the area commonly known as Mukomboni, encountered the unclad woman during er early morning duties and alerted other neighbours.

She was assisted with some decent clothing and requested for some food, particularly porridge. She also said that she doesn’t eat sadza because her stomach can’t handle it.

Surprised at why people were amused at witnessing a fallen witch, she claimed that there is nothing extraordinary about the event as people in her area are familiar with such.

The woman admitted to being a witch and was clearly irked why people were recording videos.

She also revealed that she was married in Zvimba, Zimbabwe but was living in Zambia where she left her children alone.

Police were late to come and she was worried that her husband and daughter-in-law may die since she left them behind under a spell which she is supposed to reverse before it is too late.

Police were called in and ferried away to Budiriro 2 police station for further investigation. It is not yet clear how she will return.

Watch the video below;

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