Breaking: Makhadzi threatens to kill herself

South African musician Makhadzi has shared a very concerning message threatening to end her life in the early hours of November 11.

In a post, share said that she was tired of life and would be ending it.

“I am now ending my life for good. RIP to myself. Please don’t call me no one will answer,” she posted

She also cautions fans not to reach out to her because her contacts won’t be reachable.

There has not been much information to prove if she was the one who posted the message with some speculating that she may have been hacked.

Fans react to Makhadzi suicide post

Fans have expressed worry over this heartbreaking message and some hope that it is not her.


No. Not Makhadzi please💔. I hope she is hacked, coz ain’t no ways bro😭😭😭



It’s cyber security awareness month bro it could be possible. However, it could be a call for help before she #RikyRick herself . #HelpMakhadzi #mentalhealth


If this is true, then something should be done ASAP before we lose another fellow 😦


Pray for Makhazi, that covenant she made with the devil is now haunting her, the fame was short lived, nothing is permanent with the devil 👿

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