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Robber uses girlfriend as human shield to evade police hail of bullets

In a startling turn of events, Bulawayo police have launched a vigorous manhunt for Simelweyinkosi Dube, a suspected armed robber, after he used his girlfriend as a human shield in a dangerous shootout with the authorities.

Dube, who was already connected to a case of attempted murder, escaped in a hail of gunfire and the police pursued him relentlessly.

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On July 30, Dube and his cronies carried out an outright home invasion in Gwanda, marking the start of the tale. They took hostages, pepper-sprayed the residents, and stole an unbelievable $8,800 worth of cash and valuables. They were armed with a knife and a revolver.

Bulawayo Provincial Police Spokesperson Inspector Abednico Ncube detailed the harrowing ordeal, stating,

“On the 30th of July 2023 the wanted suspect Simelweyinkosi Dube, Mlungisi Sibanda a male adult aged 44 of Nketa, Alex Cabangani Moyo a male adult aged 37 and Vusumuzi Moyo a male adult aged 27 both from Cowdray Park Bulawayo broke into their house armed with a knife and a pistol. They pepper sprayed the victims threatening to kill them whilst demanding for cash and Gold. They also grabbed complainant’s husband and they tied their hands with electric cables. They forced the complainants to open the safe and took money worth $ 8000 USD together with 15 by 9mm live ammunition and an FN 9mm pistol Total value stolen was $8800 USD,” he said.

Dube’s criminal escapades took a bizarre turn when he was cornered by police in connection to another armed robbery and used his girlfriend as a shield during a shootout with the police.  He told The Chronicle,

“On the 1st of August the Police detectives took cover and knocked on the wanted suspect’s door. His girlfriend a female adult aged 26 responded to the knock and indicated that she was alone in the house. As she opened the door, the wanted suspect who was using her as a shield began firing towards the detectives as he sneaked out and manage to escape,” said Inspector Ncube.,” reported Inspector Ncube.

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