Pearl Thusi having mental breakdown

South Africa’s celebrated media personality, actress, socialite and entrepreneur, Pearl Thusi is going through an emotional breakdown and has pleaded with friends and acquaintances for support.

In a video shared on her social media, Pearl openly tells that she is dealing with some emotional demons and requests for a shoulder to lean on.

She did not, however, state what exactly was haunting her but clearly said that she needed help.

“All my friends who know where I live, I am ordering hugs and ordering support, emotional support. There is a lot of emotional damage so all my friends with my address this is an invitation for you the just come and make sure I am fine… I need hugs”, she said in a video.

Pearl Thusi Disappears From Botswana Show

Pearl Thusi

Pearl Thusi was booked to host the 8th annual Yarona FM Music Awards in neighbouring Botswana as an MC alongside DJ Sway. She allegedly rocked up to the stage three hours late but appeared only once for 10 minutes before disappearing.

The organizers certainly did not meet her expectations, and she decided to not continue with the show as host. According to some reports, the sound was so poor, and that was the reason Pearl was not happy. There were also no changing rooms in place, which meant that Pearl and many other acts had to change in cars. Apparently she had about five outfits lined up, but without have a ‘proper’ changing room, it was going to be difficult for her.

Pearl then resurfaced on her social media account where she dissed the event saying she has seen it all without going into the details of what pissed her off about the event. She posted on her Insta stories ‘Kedibone,’ loosely translated ‘I’ve seen it all.’ Pearl also added that she won’t be sharing the full story, but people should just know that she has seen it all.

She then shared a video of herself, having the best of her life at a certain nightclub. In the video, Perl was having a blast with another fellow South African, Thabsie.

Pearl Thusi

Pearl Thusi

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