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Former Zimbabwean financial advisor kills disabled lawyer in UK

A 28-year-old Zimbabwean man, Sobantu Sibanda has been found guilty of the murder of 51-year-old Guy Malbec, a disabled homeless barrister from Canterbury, UK.

Sibanda, a former financial advisor from Zimbabwe who is facing the prospect of a life sentence behind bars admitted to manslaughter. He, however, denied the murder charge, claiming his intentions were limited to causing harm.

According to Kent Online, the horrifying incident unfolded on Easter Sunday, April 9, 2023, in Castle Street car park, where Malbec had been residing in a tent due to homelessness. Despite suffering from a significant leg injury that required aids for mobility, Malbec was subjected to a merciless assault, resulting in severe head and facial injuries, broken ribs, and a grave brain injury.

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What made this tragedy even more distressing was the involvement of Sibanda’s three accomplices: Gavin Houghton, Keith Hall, and Airidas Sakalauskas, who were alleged by the prosecution to have actively participated in and encouraged the violent attack.

These men, who had ties to a local charity aiding the homeless, callously left Malbec wounded, stealing his possessions and leaving the scene while he was still alive.

Following the assault, rather than seeking help for the grievously injured victim, Sibanda and two others returned to the crime scene, not to aid Malbec but to erase any trace of their involvement. They disposed of incriminating items, including weapons used in the attack and blood-stained bedding, in council bins.

Throughout the trial, damning evidence emerged, linking Sobantu Sibanda to the crime scene through DNA found on the murder weapons and the victim’s blood. Additionally, the callous actions of the defendants, including deleting messages and call logs to cover their tracks, further incriminated them in a bid to obstruct justice.

Rachael Savage from CPS South East condemned the attack as “horrendous and brutal,” highlighting the group’s heartless disregard for a man defenceless against their onslaught.

The evidence indicated that Malbec might have survived for some time after the assailants abandoned him, amplifying the tragedy of the situation.

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