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Unbelievable moment corpse refuses to be buried as pall bearers struggle with coffin {Video}

A video has emerged showing the moment a corpse being carried in a coffin outrightly refuses to be placed in the grave as pallbearers struggle intensely.

The incident which reportedly took place in Nigeria has many social media users fascinated as hey grapple with the sense that a dead person can actually fight back.

Unheard of, however, it is the reality faced by a family as they attempt to bury the deceased.

Many commentators actually believed the phenomenon was real and some suggested that this is commonplace in the region.


Sometimes dead bodies refuse to get buried, it’s common in Nigeria; But it’s not the dead resisting, there’s a spirit manifesting. In most cases a diety/spirit is trying to avenge the dead person by resisting burial, this will raise an alarm & get the community to start investigating.


I have witnessed this before it’s I will even say it’s normal as an African…there’s spirit we deal is spirits


It’s true guys, I remember when I and Daniel used to work in the mortuary, he’s truly talking from experience, I can confirm.

Corpse speaks from the coffin, refuses to be buried until missing body parts are located

A similar incident took place in Zimbabwe when a murder victim allegedly spoke from the coffin while placed in the mortuary ordering an investigation into his murder.

Such unsettling appearances from the spiritual realm forced authorities to postpone the burial of Munyaradzi Mvurumo, a Zhombe artisanal miner who suffered a violent death.

Munyaradzi is thought of having been killed at the Zhombe Business Centre, also known as Kwa-Juwere under Chief Samambwa in Zhombe East, and then having his body discarded in a mine shaft.

The body, which was found in the abandoned mine shaft following a 21-day search, is said to have been “talking” and pleading for the return of its missing body parts.

A tongue, a left eye, and some hair from the back of the skull were all missing from his body when it was discovered.

The deceased’s body spent about two weeks on the doorsteps of the accused’s homestead before warring parties reached an agreement to take the body to a mortuary after the intervention of traditional leaders and law enforcement agents.

The planned burial of Munyaradzi Mvurumo at his uncle’s residence last Thursday was abruptly cancelled after the deceased supposedly manifested through a family member, expressing a desire to locate the missing body parts before being laid to rest.

Consequently, the deceased has now spent two months without a proper burial, as instructions from the coffin continue to thwart the interment process.


 “Yes, it’s true we are seized by this issue which has become topical in this area. We had reached an agreement to bury the deceased on Thursday, but our plans failed. The deceased manifested in one of the relatives demanding to have his missing body parts located.” Chief Njelele said. 

Efforts to resolve the impasse surrounding the burial have been ongoing, with multiple meetings held between the concerned parties.

Despite agreeing to conclude the case by burying the deceased last Thursday, the situation remains unresolved.

Desires of the Deceased

The maternal relatives of Munyaradzi Mvurumo, who had prepared the burial site, were compelled to fill in the grave due to the deceased’s alleged wishes to be buried among his own kin.

The deceased has reportedly been communicating through a relative, sharing information about his father, who is believed to reside in Gweru.

As a result, the uncles of the deceased have relinquished their involvement in the burial proceedings.

“The young man’s mother died some six days after he was born. No one knew his father. However, he is manifesting through his relative telling us about his father who is said to be living in Gweru. He is saying he wants to be buried at his father’s place, so his uncles have since given up on the burial procession.” Chief Njelele said

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