Supreme leader: CCC controversial constitution stirs debate

Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) party’s interim constitution which, according to critics, falls “far below international best practices,” has generated a lot of political debate.

Article 7.3 of a document that has been cited as the CCC constitution read:

There shall be a leader and Change Champion in Chief (Adv Nelson Chamisa) who shall be the Administrator and President tasked by the citizens to champion, lead and guide processes of the movement in between sessions of the CNA until an elective citizen convention is held. The Change Champion in Chief shall be the chief spokesperson and chief representative of the CCC as well as the custodian of its documents, property and wellbeing.

Self-exiled political commentator Jonathan Moyo said it is “unheard of” that a person is named in the constitution of a political party as its leader.

Another political commentator, Brighton Mutebuka said the document reported to be the CCC constitution clearly falls far below international best practices and creates avoidable reputational harm for the party and its leader.

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However, posting on X, Mahere argued that the so-called CCC constitution is an interim document that was aimed at preventing the capture and destruction of the party by ZANU PF.

She also rejected claims that the document was written “secretly, by a select few party officials, with minimum consultation”, saying it was actually a product of an extensive nationwide engagement process. Said Mahere:

While the nation quickly slips into a one-party dictatorship, some choose to fake fuss over an interim arrangement that was specifically designed to prevent ZANU PF from robbing us again of the authentic opposition.

This arrangement, the CCC party symbol and the entire birth of the new party were borne out of an extensive nationwide engagement process undertaken across all provinces.

The unanimous position of the citizens was that there was a need to create a brand new party and that this party must have in place shocks to prevent ZANU PF from pulling another Mashavire.

The citizens did not want the state or the system to impose a leader on the opposition. The people wanted their will respected.

The people had the foresight to see that someone would crop up one day and try to steal what was hard fought for and build through blood, sweat and tears by ordinary citizens who simply want a better life.

Zimbabweans need to watch the magician’s hand and not be distracted by an obvious, superficially argued sideshow.

We need to collectively do whatever it takes to prevent ZANU PF from attaining a two-thirds majority and entrenching a one-party state that will see Mr Mnangagwa perpetuating mass suffering and his dictatorial, violent rule.

Zimbabweans want and deserve new, ethical leaders who put the citizens first and centre in governance and decision-making.

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