Cruise ship worker reveals secret code passengers know nothing about

A cruise ship worker has spilled the beans about a secret code used on board that passengers are clueless about.

Erica, who works on a cruise ship, joined her colleague Adam to share information on the undercover way that staff communicate with one another at certain moments when out at sea. In a bid not to worry passengers and let on that something has gone wrong, there is a system in place.

In a TikTok video, where Erica is known as @ericafromamerica, Adam shared: “One of the onboard secret codes is Alpha, Alpha, Alpha, which means there’s a medical emergency onboard.” Erica went on to shed some light on a more morbid truth about cruising.

“Cruise ships are legally obligated to carry body bags on board – and there’s even a morgue onboard,” she said. The duo also shared more fascinating facts about their job, including that cruise chefs on certain ships use a whopping 60,000 eggs during just one seven-day journey. That is an awful lot of scrambling.

Lauren, from Australia who now lives in the US, is another cruise ship worker who has shared secrets of her life on some of the biggest vessels in the world. On her channel laurentalkssmach she spoke of some of the “creepy cruise ship secrets” she had encountered.

“There’s some crazy stuff about cruise ships that you might not know about as a guest. When we worked on a cruise ship we actually saw a dead body getting wheeled out of the morgue. Obviously, they had a cover over it but that in itself is so creepy,” she said.

Lauren found that her knowledge of the morgue was “so confronting” it made her “not want to work on a cruise ship anymore”. She added: “And then they also have a jail cell, so if anyone’s doing anything wrong, they’ll just lock them in there.”

The Australian opened up that there is only one thing that made her nervous about working on a cruise ship – and that was the fact that her vessel didn’t have a deck 13. “Carnival does not have a deck 13 because it’s a superstitious thing,” she continued.

“Sorry but that’s f**king weird. Like, we’re on a cruise ship and you’re making me feel like superstition comes into play?” The Italian line MSC is another which also skips the 13th floor.

If you are considering heading on a cruise for the first time, then MSC Euribia is not a bad entry sailing. The Mirror recently set sail on the ship from Rotterdam to Southampton. One of its mains selling points is that it offers possible the cheapest cruise package in Europe.

Currently the week long holiday is being sold from as little as £356 per person, which comes in at £50 a night. By comparison, the average price for a night’s tent pitch in the UK is now £25, while a Travelodge room in Birmingham costs around £40 – and it doesn’t even float.

For £50 a night, you’ll get a cabin with a portal view of the sea, an en-suite, a vanity and a TV. Hot drinks in your room and breakfast, lunch and dinner at the Market Place buffet are all included. A family of four could see a big chunk of Northern Europe for £1,424. After a 20% rise in just a year, according to Which? a week in Spain now costs £693 per person on average.

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