Heartbreaking Revelations Surface After Mr Ibu’s Death: Wife and Daughter Allegedly Squandered His Entire Fortune

In the wake of the passing of the renowned Nollywood icon John Okafor, affectionately known as Mr Ibu, distressing accounts have surfaced, shedding light on the tumultuous circumstances preceding his demise. Shockingly, it has come to light that Mr Ibu endured profound isolation in his final days, coupled with the heartbreaking revelation that his wealth, including donated funds, was mismanaged by his wife and daughter.

The Heart-Wrenching Account Amidst the global mourning for Mr Ibu, poignant details have surfaced, unraveling the profound hardships he endured during his lifetime. Albert Nat Hydes, a social media user, bravely shared a harrowing narrative, revealing the dire circumstances Mr Ibu faced. Tragically, his first wife absconded, leaving him destitute, having plundered all his possessions.

Additionally, it has been disclosed that his second wife and stepdaughter callously squandered his assets and the donations intended for his welfare, exacerbating his already dire predicament.

A Life Marred by Struggle Mr Ibu’s journey was fraught with adversity, as he grappled with undisclosed health challenges. Succumbing to cardiac arrest on a fateful Saturday evening at Evercare Hospital in Lekki, his untimely demise was confirmed by Emeka Rollas, the National President of the Actors Guild of Nigeria.

The Betrayal of Trust: Financial Exploitation and Health Decline Following his divorce and financial ruin at the hands of his first wife, Mr Ibu faced the daunting task of rebuilding his life. However, his efforts were thwarted when his second wife, Stella Maris, recklessly depleted his resources, leaving him financially incapacitated. Compounded by a diagnosis of diabetes, Mr Ibu’s health deteriorated rapidly, necessitating costly medical interventions.

Tragically, his stepdaughter, Jasmine, exhibited callous disregard for his well-being by misappropriating funds earmarked for his surgeries, diverting them for personal gain.

The Bitter Legacy The profound sorrow surrounding Mr Ibu’s passing is exacerbated by the discovery that his TikTok account, boasting over 1 million followers, was swiftly commandeered by Jasmine, erasing his digital legacy within hours of his demise.

The tragic saga of Mr Ibu serves as a sobering reminder of the vulnerabilities inherent in human relationships and the callousness of those entrusted with one’s care and welfare.



Moja Love CEO and New Sizokuthola Presenter Go Into Hiding after Receiving Threats

Moja Love CEO Aubrey Tau and the newly appointed presenter of the contentious drug-busting program, Sizokuthola, Xolani Maphanga, have retreated into hiding following alleged threats on their lives by a purported drug dealer, City Press reported.

Following the shutdown of a drugs operation in Gauteng linked to Russian drug lords, there are reports that Xolani Maphanga, the new host of Sizokthola, along with the channel’s official, Aubrey Tau, are in hiding due to fears for their safety. Allegedly, hitmen have been contracted with payments of up to R500k to target them.

After the departure of former Moja Love drug buster Xolani Khumalo, much speculation surrounded the successor for Sizok’thola, until Moja Love unveiled X-repo presenter Xolani “X” Maphanga as the new face of the show, set to return in April.


“Xolani is not new to Moja Love’s screens, as he currently presents X-Repo and comes with a wealth of experience to deliver this captivating show,” the channel stated. “He will be sweeping the streets of South Africa clean together with law enforcement while rooting out drugs and exposing drug dealers, including drug lords. From the leafy suburbs to ekasi, Xolani will leave no stone unturned.”

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City Press had also previously reported Maphanga as one of the three contenders for the role. Hailing from Tembisa in Ekurhuleni, Maphanga expressed his honor in aiding communities in the fight against drugs: “I have witnessed the impact of drugs on the youth, including how they leave families scarred for life. It gives me great honor to contribute to a social justice program and a show that tackles the scourge of drugs head-on.”


The former Sizokuthola host, Khumalo, presented two seasons of the show before being terminated in November amid allegations of involvement in a murder case after an alleged drug dealer died following a Sizok’thola crew visit.

Co-heads of Moja Love, Shoki Zama and Livhuwani Dagada, expressed excitement about the show’s return, noting Maphanga’s leadership, who will be joined by sniffer dogs in the fight against drugs.

In Other News: Popular Nigerian Actor John Okafor ‘Mr Ibu’ Dies

Nollywood veteran actor John Okafor, who is popularly known as Mr Ibu, has died. He was 62 years old.

Mr Ibu passed away last night on the 2nd of March, 2024. He reportedly died of cardiac arrest at Evercare Hospital in Lekki after being moved to the intensive care unit a few days ago

Veteran Nigerian Actor John Okafor  Has Died (Image Credit: Facebook)

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Emeka Rollas, the National President of the Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN), confirmed Mr Ibu’s death on his Instagram page. He wrote;

“…Mr Ibu suffered cardiac arrest according to his manager of 24 years, Mr Don Single Nwuzor.

“I announce with deep sense of grief that Mr Ibu didn’t make it. May his soul rest in peace.”

He had been grappling with health struggles since last year. The 62-year-old actor battled an undisclosed severe illness that affected both his mobility and appearance.

In an attempt to save his life, he underwent seven surgeries. Unfortunately, the severity of his condition led to the amputation of one of his legs in November 2023.

As time passed, his condition worsened, resulting in difficulties in speech and, tragically, his untimely death.

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Renowned for his acting prowess and comedic roles, he was considered one of the legendary actors in Nollywood.

His illustrious career spanned decades. He featured in numerous film such as “Mr Ibu and Son,” “Police Recruit, “and “Mr Ibu in London” which solidified him as one of Nollywood’s most talented comedians in Nigeria.

As tributes flow in, fans and colleagues continue to honour his legacy, emphasizing his significant contributions to the film industry and his pivotal role in shaping the Nollywood comedy industry.

Here are some of the condolences messages;


Rest in peace Africa’s funniest Actor, Mr Ibu. 🕊️

Thank you for making our childhood fun❤️


Watching Mr Ibu will make you forget about ur problems, especially a combo of him and Pawpaw… he gave his all, Rest in Peace Legend 😢😰😭


May his Gentle soul rest in perfect peace


Mr Ibu was a Nollywood legend

We will always remember how you made us laugh

And his memories will always remain with us forever. RIP Mr Ibu

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