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Never give up: Daniel Chingoma makes another filying mini Zimcopter [Watch]

Self-taught engineer and helicopter designer Daniel Chingoma has refused to back down from his unique creativity as he recently went around displaying his new flyable mini helicopter.

Dubbed the Mini Zimcopter, the fascinating invention demonstrates Chingoma’s many talents.

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This also comes against the backdrop of his suffering humiliation from the government which denied him a chance to fly his unlicensed bigger helicopter that was soon dumped near the University of Zimbabwe only but to be discarded again.

Daniel Chingoma's Zimcopter whisked away from Mbudzi Round About
Daniel Chingoma’s Zimcopter whisked away from Mbudzi Round About

Speaking to Sunday Mail at the time, Chingoma expressed his hopes of seeing the Zimcopter taking to the skies:

“I will never surrender. A time shall come when my helicopter will fly and I will shame the devil. What I need is some resources and further education so that I perfect the machine. I am willing to go for studies so that I tighten up the loopholes.”

Chingoma claimed his helicopter — built from scrap metal and with a Lexus V8 car engine — flew in 2003, but he has no documentation or witnesses to prove it.

A second version of the helicopter was built in 2009 but the Civil Aviation Authority of Zimbabwe would not give him flight clearance.

Daniel Chingoma’s Mini Zimcopter Can Actually Fly

In a video circulating on social media, the determined engineer demonstrates a smaller version of a helicopter which actually flies.

He is seen moving around asking people to pay some money for him to demonstrate and he says he is ready to build a bigger model.


Social Media Reactions:

@wisy19:  The government should help this man to advance his education , instead of us spending $5 on elections its better tipe Chingoma adzidze agadzirire nyika zvikopo kopo.

@gedyegedye: The passion for what he loves to do is incredible ❤️ 👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿.

@tiffaniniXD: This Zimbabwean inventor always showcases his innovations. Sadly, opportunities are none existent. What ORGs offer an opportunity to further his studies to make an impact?

@benzvinokwazvo:  And someone will say this is innovation. Meanwhile in china this is a grade 7 science project.

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