Moja Love replaces Xolani Khumalo with Nhlanhla Lux on Sizok’thola

South Africans are reacting with mixed sentiments to rumours that Moja Love might replace Xolani Khumalo with Nhlanhla Lux on Sizok’thola.

Moja Love, the popular TV channel that airs the drug-busting show Sizok’thola, has recently announced that it has terminated its relationship with the show’s presenter, Xolani Khumalo.

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The channel fired Xolani Khumalo because he failed to answer questions posed by the channel after it raised concerns and questioned him about his knowledge and involvement in unlawful conduct that led to contamination of the crime scenes, failed prosecution of the known drug lords and unfortunate tragedies that followed the filming of specific episodes of Sizok’thola.

Khumalo is accused of killing Robert Varrie, an alleged drug dealer, during the filming of one of the episodes of Sizok’thola in July.

Meanwhile, rumours are circulating that Moja Love plans to replace Khumalo with another presenter, Nhlanhla Lux. Lux gained prominence as the leader of Operation Dudula, a group against illegal immigrants. The group also targeted drug dealers in communities. He is also the founder of Nhlanhla Lux Foundation, which hosts Military Rehab Bootcamps for young drug addicts.

Lux has not confirmed or denied the rumours. Moja Love has also not commented on the rumours, but it has said it will continue to air Sizok’thola with a new presenter soon.

South Africans online expressed mixed emotions about the rumours that Nhlanha Lux might replace Xolani Khumalo on Sizok’thola.


“Ahhhhh, great. He has found employment at long last.”


“He should visit the ports. I want to see something.”


“A front to divert attention from real crime…Xolani was not towing line and now found a perfect candidate in this new host.”


“Channel is chasing numbers here. No merit.”

Big M:

“We must cancel that show. That’s what they deserve for the treatment they gave Xolani.”

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