Woman forces man to have tlof tlof with her in front of passengers on plane

A woman in Russia has taken the concept of the mile-high club to a whole new level.

Recent reports suggest that during a five-hour Pobeda Airlines flight, a woman named Valeria, 29, gave a non-consensual tlof tlof to a man seated next to her.

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How Woman Forced Tlof Tlof on Stranger in Russian Plane
The incident took place in economy class, and according to witnesses, the man initially resisted her advances but eventually gave in to the situation. The act unfolded in plain view of flight attendants and other passengers, including children.

Upon landing at Vnukovo International Airport in Moscow, the police boarded the plane to detain Valeria. Fellow passengers reportedly cheered and clapped at the authorities’ intervention.

Once the act concluded, flight attendants removed Valeria from her seat, despite her resistance. Another male passenger was assigned to monitor her for the remainder of the flight.

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Witnesses shared that Valeria, who had boarded the flight in a reportedly ‘intoxicated’ state from Turkey, exhibited disruptive behaviour throughout the journey. She allegedly scratched the flight crew and smoked an e-cigarette despite repeated requests to refrain from doing so. In an interview with BAZA media, she expressed no remorse for her behaviour, stating,

‘Everything was fine. I had a good time on the plane. Well, that’s a little more than that.’

Valeria claimed to have been fined 500 roubles (£4.40) for her actions, although the police had not provided an official statement at the time of publication.

Additionally, she faced allegations of attempting to bribe the flight crew with a $100 bill to avoid reporting her to authorities. However, an attendant crumpled the bill and discarded it during the flight. Valeria emptied the garbage bin to retrieve it.

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