Psychic Summons AKA’s Ghost, Claims ‘Two Of My Friends’ Shot Him

US psychic Kandis Starr has shared a session where she “communicates” with whom she claims is the “spirit” of slain rapper AKA, real name Kiernan Forbes.

And in it, listeners claim are some shocking revelations about the night he died.

The murder investigation of the South African rapper – who was killed almost a year ago by masked gunmen – has yielded no arrests to date. According to Minister of Police Bheki Cele, authorities are making progress in their findings.In a video posted on her YouTube channel, Kandis Starr shared a “spirit box session.”

The video was titled: “This shook me to my core…real answers” and “AKA tells everything.”

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The American medium – who also hosted a session with whom she claims was Costa Titch in the months after he died – claimed she had been inundated with requests from her followers to communicate with AKA.

Reaching out to her spirit guide, Kandis claimed she made contact with the rapper.

When asked who he had shot him, a voice – which many claims sounded like Forbes – responded: “One of my haters.”The voice also said the following:

“There’s a shooter…Take my life. Over a monster, gangster

“White Benz. They were the ones who shot at me. Protected, and you don’t see through the camera.

“Dangerous….I had a good heart.”

When asked if someone he knew the voice responded: “Hitman…shoots him, lay dead. Suddenly it burns hot.”The voice also referred to “two of my friends”, although it didn’t state who the friends were or if they were involved in his shooting.

On the night he was killed – 10 February 2023 – AKA was out dining with a group of friends at Durban restaurant Wish On Florida. The entertainer barely made it out of the establishment when he was shot in a hail of bullets.

Kiernan – who was killed alongside friend Tebello “Tibz” Motsoane – was in Durban to perform in club YuGo on the night he died.

According to his security personnel, the rapper “broke protocol” by posting his movements on social media and making spontaneous plans.

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