Cyan Boujee Defends Recent BBL

Cyan Boujee might be just 21 years old, but the influencer, DJ and controversial digital content creator has lived the life that most people in their 30s cannot say they have lived. From her tumultuous past relationships to her alleged violent altercations with said exes and promoters that have done her dirty. Cyan Boujee’s name is consistently linked to drama.

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However, recently upon her return to Youtube and releasing consistent content on the red app, there seemed to be a change in the manner in which she was perceived as it seemed to humanise her. This was all before she let the general public into her BBL journey. Since sharing her own journey to get her body right, it seems that Boujee has been giving the gworls sleepless nights.

But Cyan Boujee is not taking it lying down as she has taken to her Instagram to put all her trolls on blast for their disparaging comments on her new body.

Cyan Boujee Defends Recent BBL

Recently, a viral video of Cyan Boujee “cooking” caused a stir as tweeps were concerned that she might just need to return to her doctor for what would be her third liposuction procedure due to her eating patterns. This seemed to lead to social media users feeling like their could comment on the actual state of her BBL.

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But Cyan “Clapback” Boujee seemed incensed and ready to tackle the matter head on. This is as she took to Instagram to make it clear that she will not tolerate the hate. First she posted an updated image of her BBL.


She then took to her Instagram stories to deal with the trolls one-by-one style. First she started with a disclaimer in which she explained:

“Anyways, I’m not a girl to address situations (laughs) ka’dlala… But, anyways, I just want to say thank you so much for the compliments over my recent picture- I love it so much, it’s so amazing and I definitely do see a difference- It’s crazy! I love how I look, when I look in the mirror, I’m happy for almost paying 200k man, okay? So, but anyways neh, I realised that the negative comments are really from zero following, zero followers and I’m also like the people that comment that are not private, “How do you have the audacity to comment that you’re not happy with my body while you look like this…”

Safe to say that after this post, her story was filled with violence as she shared posts and her comments on the bodies of those that had so much to say about her own body.
Moreover, before addressing those trolls who did not go private in time on their socials. Cyan Boujee made it clear that similar to how she has taken the ridicule that those trolls should be brave and steadfast with their stances. This came just before she was done trolling and started prepping for her gig later that evening proving that despite all the comments, she remains “booked and busy.”

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