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Spar employee caught on camera massaging her kuku at work

A video showing a Spar female worker playing with private parts while on duty has gone viral, triggering shock and concern among viewers.

The recorded video seems to show the employee in her uniform, in a secluded corner of her company’s premises, facing her phone camera.

As she is seated with her trousers off, she is observed engaging in inappropriate acts as she starts massaging her honeypot.

The behavior of the yet-to-be-identified Spar employee has sparked outrage online.


Some clients who viewed the video have expressed concerns about potential hygiene and food safety issues, as the employee in question could have gone straight to handling food products after engaging in inappropriate behavior.

One individual even stated that the incident may have contaminated the food products, highlighting the importance of maintaining proper hygiene and following safety protocols in all workplaces. All employees must prioritize the health and safety of both themselves and their clients at all times.

“Ma Spar employee soo, vapedza vobata ma food products,” one user commented.

Others suggest it is necessary to carry out a thorough investigation to determine the circumstances surrounding the behavior of this individual.

Watch video below:

Watch The Spar Employee Video Here


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