Ex-Sizok’thola host Xolani Khumalo is back

Former ‘Sizok’thola’ host Xolani Khumalo is coming back to the screen with a new show.

Xolani Khumalo has been through the most, but his fans have stuck by him and called for his return to the screen. Their prayers have been answered as the TV host announces plans to debut a new show soon.

In a chat with DJ Sbu on his podcast, Khumalo said he is returning with a show in line with Sizok’thola, but that’s ten times better than the Moja Love show. He said,

“Yeah, I’m back nge’vosho, with a new show which is in line with Sizok’thola, But this time Sizok’thola ten times better. I’m happy because now I have what I didn’t have you know, like the support of the government and now I can go to them for help and say guys, lets work.”

On the Twitter (X) app, @ThisIsColbert also shared the clip of Xolani’s interview and wrote,

“Xolani Khumalo of #Sizokthola fame is coming back into your screen with a NEW show bigger, & better than Sizokthola. War against drugs He has NO relationship with Moja Love anymore.”

Moja Love is believed to have turned their backs on Khumalo due to his legal woes

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