Uzalo actress Noxolo gets serious about her hot dog business

Noxolo Mathula, renowned for her role as Lilly on the popular South African drama series Uzalo, has unveiled more about her thriving business, which has attracted its fair share of judgement. Despite her illustrious acting career, Mathula has expanded her hot dog business into various taxi ranks across South Africa.

As one of the most watched and potentially most lucrative productions in the country, Uzalo viewers often wonder if she receives sufficient payment for her role as Lilly, given her presence in the street food business.

Noxolo Mathula

Mathula responds to the skepticism by explaining, “I’m often asked why I am on the streets selling hot dogs while I am a TV star. People don’t understand that times are tough. I’m not selling hot dogs on the streets for fun; it’s one of my side hustles.

Running this business on the streets doesn’t mean I’m not paid well at my TV job. But I understand my target market, which is people on the streets. We must stop looking down on each other and rather offer support. A single salary can never be enough, no matter how much it is.”

She emphasizes that she and her team are actively involved in selling hot dogs at taxi ranks, believing it’s a smart side hustle while she remains relevant in the industry. People still watch her on their TV screens, making it a strategic venture.

Uzalo actress Noxolo Mathula says she was told by her mother to not be embarrassed of doing honest work. She sells hotdogs everywhere.

Additionally, it was recently reported that Noxolo Mathula secured a catering contract for another TV production related to Uzalo, although she didn’t disclose its name. Her celebrity status has even driven some customers to purchase her hot dogs, and they often request selfies with her, as buying from a celebrity holds significant appeal for them.

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