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Jilted teacher takes own life, asks to be buried on Valentines day

A young teacher from Embu County, Kenya on Wednesday, February 7, committed suicide after he was rejected by his ex-girlfriend.

In a note left behind, Denis Mukono Mwaniki remarked that he could not envision seeing the girl fall in love with someone else hence the decision to take his own life.

The young man further laid out details of how he would want his sendoff to be conducted indicating that he wanted to be laid to rest on Valentine’s Day, February 14.

“Just decided to rest in peace. I have tried all means but it has been in vain,” the suicide note read in part.

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He further left the contacts of his girlfriend remarking that she should be the one to read his eulogy.

The departed teacher tasked his relatives to search if he had any kids elsewhere so that they could be beneficiaries of his estate.


Preparations of the burial ceremony were left to two members of the county assembly who were given specific instructions to ensure a picture he left behind was used as part of the program.

An indication of depression, the teacher remarked that he had spoken with 17 people over his estranged relationship but no one had bothered to listen or offer advice to him.

“I have pleaded with (the ex-girlfriend) but all has fallen on deaf ears,” he regretted.

One of the area journalists visited the house where the young teacher took his own life and confirmed the incident.

Teacher commits suicide
He even wrote a Facebook post

Counselors, medics, and psychologists recommend seeking help whenever you experience any mental health issue. 


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