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Spar employee has not been fired: “She did nothing wrong”

Contrary to reports spreading widely on social media as well as some blogs, the Spar employee whose video leaked while she was playing with her privates has not been fired.

According to reports, she is still employed by the company as she did not necessarily breach any rules but is rather a victim.

A feminist grouping Women for Change expressed their sentiments citing that the Spar employee was a victim of revenge p0rn and that she did not do anything wrong. They shared on X;

Why did the woman who worked at Spar got fired? She didn’t do anything wrong! She definitely did not consent for this video to go onto social media! The person who leaked the video is the one who needs to be held accountable! Revenge porn is ILLEGAL in South Africa. #spar

This elicited a response from Spar which said they are in full support of the employee and that they have offered some counselling to help her deal with the trauma.

Hi @womenforchange5 The SPAR employee in question has not been fired. We agree with this sentiment and have already offered her counselling and support during this difficult time.


The Spar employee began trending this week when a video of her playing with her honeypot was leaked by an unknown individual.

It appears she was having phone tlof tlof when the other untrustworthy party decided to leak the private moment.

Reports that she killed herself also were quashed and the brother of the Spar employee made a plight for people to stop circulating the video.


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