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Ghost chases learners at a primary school in Chitungwiza

Chaos erupted at Mberi Primary School in Zengeza on Monday morning when a suspected ghost caused panic among the students. The incident resulted in one child getting injured in a stampede.

The alleged ghost, described by residents as a woman-like figure, instilled fear among Grade 4 Yellow students, causing disruptions in classes and leading one student to seek medical attention at a clinic.

Upon hearing about the incident, concerned parents and guardians rushed to the school to collect their children. However, tensions escalated, resulting in the arrest of one parent following police intervention.

A parent who spoke to H-Metro revealed that this was not the first time such an occurrence had taken place at the school. Recounting the recent incident, the parent explained that both the teacher and students fled the classroom when they spotted a shadow-like figure resembling a woman sitting on a table.

“There should be something frightening our children at the school. They were disturbed after a shadow-like image, in the form of a woman, was spotted seated on the table forcing both the teacher and children to flee from the classroom,” the parent disclosed.

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Speculations Arise as Ghost Makes Another Appearance at Zengeza Primary School

The parent further added that when other teachers and students gathered to witness the figure, it mysteriously disappeared. This has led to strong suspicions among the parents that one of the teachers might be involved in satanism.

“Nothing was seen after other teachers and students gathered to see where the shadowy figure was spotted. Nhasi vana vatizazve muclass iyoyo kusvikira headmaster Jena vadaidza vakuru vavo. We strongly suspect that one of the staff members dabbles in satanism,” said the parent.

Investigation by Education Officials

When H-Metro reporters arrived at the school, officials from the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education were already present, investigating the matter. The leader of the district education officials, only identified as Kureva, informed the reporters that they were in the process of compiling a report to be submitted to their superiors.

“We came to collect information about the case and we are yet to compile a report and submit it to the authorities. I am not in a position to comment, it is best to check with the Ministry later after we submit our report,” said Kureva

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