Former Ajax player Quincy Promes sentenced 6 yearsw for smuggling 1.3 kg cocaine

A Dutch court has sentenced Quincy Promes to a 6-year prison sentence for his involvement in smuggling over 1,350 kilos of cocaine, according to reports.

Promes was charged last May over his alleged involvement in smuggling 1,370 kilograms of cocaine.

The two batches of 650kg and 713kg were intercepted in Antwerp in January 2020.

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The Public Prosecution Service has found Quincy Promes and a 32-year-old co-suspect, guilty of importing, exporting, transporting, and possessing the drugs.

Prosecutors had recommended Promes serve nine years behind bars. “He seems to think he is untouchable in Russia or abroad,” the prosecutor said. They wanted to know “how such a successful footballer allowed himself to be drawn so deeply into crime.”

The footballer and V., who are related to each other, were linked to drug shipments that arrived in January 2020 on a container ship that moored in the Port of Antwerp. Associates offloaded a 650-kilogram batch and brought it to a warehouse in near the port. The remaining batch of 712 kilograms was found on the same ship by Customs officials. Both consignments were hidden among bags of sea salt sent from Brazil.

Quincy Promes was alleged to have made a major financial investment in drug running. He and V. operated “under the radar” and worked “calculatingly,” convincing others to do lower-level, riskier work, like removing the cocaine from the port, prosecutors said.

Promes was also connected to 55-year-old Piet W., an Almere man suspected of running a wide-ranging cocaine trafficking ring. He was also implicated in two street-level assassinations.

In June last year, the court also sentenced the footballer to 1.5 years in prison for stabbing a cousin in the knee during a family party in Abcoude. He has appealed against that verdict.

Earlier this month, the court also ordered him to pay compensation to his cousin. He also did not appear in court during that trial.

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