Nonku Williams is looking for love again

After a busy 2023 filled with challenges and heartbreak, reality TV star, mom of three, and businesswoman, Nonku Williams says she is ready to fall in love again, but she is putting herself first, above everything.

What better time than in the month of love? Her decision comes after she revealed that her secret to looking young is plastic surgery and a lot of work that she has put into her body.

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Nonku recently had liposuction, dental work done on her teeth, tummy tuck, thigh adjustment, and work on her arms.

“I’m in my glow-up era. I am snatched and so content. This is all about doing me,” she tells ZiMoja. “Aging is a factor; I am not getting any younger. I just want to feel and look good. If I have the money, why not fix what I can.”



She says the motivation to want to look good and remain happy was the public heartbreak she endured last year with ex-fiancés Dumisani Ndlazi.

“That was probably the most embarrassing thing I have had to go through in my life,” she says. “It was humiliating and truly is my biggest regret.” But she did not sit back and bask in her sadness.

“After a lot of tears and introspection, I decided to pick myself up and work on myself. This time, it’s all about me, taking care of myself, prioritising me and my needs and it all starts with how I look and how I feel,” she says.

“I know when I look good, I feel great and the motivation behind all of the work done on my body is to feel good for myself before I can date anyone.”


Nonku Williams says she is ready to date again. “I am ready, but if I date again, I will keep things more private. I know I will fall in love again. Love is a beautiful thing. After that breakup, I told myself that nothing would ever break me. People judged me and I learned my lesson,” she says.

“I won’t let what happened to me take away my happiness. Yes, it was a horrible public humiliation, but I have moved on. I have healed and put me first and that is what I plan to do in my next relationship.” Nonku’s ex Rough Diamond real name Dumisani Ndlazi has since moved on and gotten married.


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