“One Love,” directed by Reinaldo Marcus Green (“King Richard”), is set over the two years following the tumultuous political violence in Jamaica where Bob Marley survived an assassination attempt together with his wife Rita.

Marley leaves Jamaica and lands in London where he gets arrested for the crime of looking the way he does, but he carries on a relatively quiet and hassle-free existence as he reunites with his band, records the album that will become “Exodus,” hobnobs with the swells, and reassesses his place in the global pop universe.

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The movie lays bare the contradictions that define Marley – the political militant who is also a utopian pop idol, the family man who depends on Rita yet is anything but faithful to her the devout Rastafarian who uses religion, and the Ethiopian guru figure of Haile Salassie, as a substitute for the white British father on horseback who abandoned him.

Bob Marley One Love

The film looks at how Marley evolved into a grander figure, a shaman star whose message of liberation began to transcend national boundaries.

CAST: The film features a talented ensemble cast,including Kingsley Ben-Adir as Bob Marley, who has garnered acclaim for his previous roles, such as playing Malcolm X in One Night In Miami.

Lashana Lynch portrays Rita Marley, Bob Marley’s wife, and the movie also showcases other key figures in his life, such as his music producer Chris Blackwell, played by James Norton. Marley was/is a Global icon and Legend and I ain’t going to miss it on the big screen.

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