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Prophet vows to ‘kill’ ghost that chased Chitungwiza school pupils

Zimbabwean Prophet Mellontik Orasi has offered to help kill the ghost that has been terrorizing and causing chaos at Mberi Primary School in Zengeza.

Prophet Mellontik Orasi, who has been making headlines for accurately prophesying the death of AKA, David Bartlett, Zahara, and others has claimed that he can exorcise the ghost that has been haunting students at the Mberi Primary School.

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Chaos at Mberi Primary School: Ghost Haunts Students

There was chaos at Mberi Primary School in Zengeza on Monday morning when a suspected ghost caused panic among the students. The incident led to a stampede, resulting in one child getting injured.

Described by residents as a woman-like figure, the alleged ghost instilled fear among Grade 4 Yellow students, causing disruptions in classes.

Recalling the recent incident, a parent explained that both the teacher and students fled the classroom upon spotting a shadow-like figure resembling a woman seated on a table.

“There should be something frightening our children at the school. They were disturbed after a shadow-like image, in the form of a woman, was spotted seated on the table forcing both the teacher and children to flee from the classroom,” the parent disclosed.

As other teachers and students gathered to witness the figure, it mysteriously disappeared. This occurrence has fueled strong suspicions among parents, causing them to speculate that one of the teachers might be involved in Satanism.

Exorcism and Solutions: Prophet Mellontik Orasi’s Offers to Rid the School of the Ghost

Commenting on H-Metro’s post about the ghost, Prophet Mellontik Prophet Mellontik offered to help ‘kill’ the ghost, highlighting his experience in helping numerous families haunted by such spirits.

Yes, I commented on your story because I have helped a lot of families who were being tormented by these ghosts and it requires exorcism because it’s a spirit.

He explained that the ghost is akin to a demon, implying that it can be exorcised.

“It’s like a demon, that spirit can be exorcised and be chased away from the place.”

He offered to help get rid of the ghost for free. He, however, said that he would need to know more details about the ghost.

“I am pledging my help for free if the ghost is there. I also want to know the times which it is being seen, so that we can get there. People at times lie but kana chiri chipoko chogona kuzivikanwa and there can be a grave nearby.”

He revealed that it is highly likely there is a grave nearby. He mentioned the necessity to locate the grave and identify the spirit of the ghost that haunting the school.

“So, we will need to locate the grave so that we trace the spirit tione kuti munhu wacho ndiani.

Prophet Mellontik also reveals that he can also help schools that are struggling with ghosts and satanism.

Even those schools, which are having challenges with zvidhoma, or Satanism, we can help. As well as ngozi because by the power of Christ we can exorcise all that. Kana chiri chipoko totochisungirira tochiuraya, chinotofa katwo.”

Posting on his Facebook account, he emphatically stated his ability to exorcise and eliminate the haunting ghost.

“Yes indeed we can exorcise it
Tochipamha futi kuchiuraya”

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