Chamisa’s supporters unhappy with Chibaya, Siziba launching the ‘blue movement’ alone

Some sitting and recalled CCC MPs are reportedly unhappy with the conduct of former party leader Nelson Chamisa’s trusted allies Gift Siziba and Amos Chibaya, who have emerged as the face of his yet-to-be-launched political movement.

Chibaya and Siziba, who are former MPs for Mkoba North and Pelandaba-Tshabalala, respectively, have been holding meetings across the country updating the party’s grassroots supporters on Chamisa’s impending political movement which will have blue as its colour.

However, the interfaces have angered some senior opposition figures who say they were not informed about the meetings.

Former Seke legislator Willard Madzimbamuto who was recalled by Sengezo Tshabangu and lost the by-election which he contested as an independent candidate took to X to express his frustration. He wrote:

No genuine movement begins in such an ambiguous way with only two people.

Such conduct casts negative aspersions at Nelson Chamisa as being dictatorial on things that he does not know.

CCC’s Wedza South losing candidate Valentine Zinhumwe demanded openness and transparency. He said:

The first part in building the new movement is us being honest to each other and accommodating diverse views. Zimbabweans want change. We cannot afford doing the same things and expect different results.

Chibaya, who is a former CCC interim organising secretary, told NewsDay he was simply carrying out his mandate as the organiser. He said:

There is what is called the organising committee. It is chaired by me and has numerous departments which are elections, communications, youth and women.

Wherever I am going, l am going with the committee which is known by everyone. I am the organiser and the head organising bureau.

Political commentators who spoke to NewsDay said Chamisa should be open and provide direction to his supporters.

Political analyst Fanuel Kaseke said by keeping his cards close to his chest, Chamisa will be able to gauge his support. Said Kaseke:

In all honesty, whatever they are creating is just in the same fashion as the CCC and this delay gives him ample time to access his loyalists within the political fraternity.

He doesn’t want those he is running away from to follow him; he is waiting for them to form their own.

Another political commentator, Kudakwashe Munemo said Chamisa may have already announced his next move within his inner circle. He said:

It appears he has already announced to a select few in his inner circle and not to the masses yet.

The delay is likely aimed at assessing the behaviour and response of his colleagues.

Chamisa announced he had quit CCC on 25 January this year, saying ZANU PF had infiltrated the party through its proxies.

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