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Video of Durban woman using bottle leaks: She was tired of cheating husband

A Durban woman who had been neglected by her cheating husband was recently caught satisfying herself using a bottle in a leaked video.

The woman, identified Becky Ndlovu, has been grappling with the harsh reality of her husband’s betrayal for months.

Joe Ndlovu, a 38-year-old businessman, has been engrossed in an extramarital affair, according to sources who know Becky. The affair, which allegedly began six months ago, has left Becky feeling abandoned and emotionally drained.

Friends of the couple reveal that Becky had suspected her husband’s infidelity for some time but chose to remain silent, hoping the situation would improve. However, as Joe’s absences grew more frequent and his excuses more implausible, Becky could no longer ignore the truth.

He allegedly changed in his behaviour and started coming home late, always busy with work, or so he claimed.



So dire was their marriage that the two no longer had time for action in the bedroom, and this left Becky starved and dry. She also never entertained the idea of cheating.

Despite confronting Joe about her suspicions, Becky was met with denial and deflection. The once-loving husband and father became distant, leaving Becky to shoulder the responsibilities of their household and care for their children alone.

She began feeling like she was living with a stranger as he now barely acknowledged her existence.

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The Durban Woman Uses A Bottle As Her Cheating Husband Neglected Her

Unable to convince her husband to even have time with her in the bedroom and have some action, and too loyal to have a boyfriend or a Ben 10, Becky took matters into her own hands.



She then developed a habit of using a bottle while alone at home just so the tension she felt eased. On one particular instance, she decided to record the drama.

The video leaked into the public domain, and it is still unclear how it leaked.

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