Copyright Dispute Between Jah Signal and The Charambas Resolved Amicably

Zimbabwean musician Jah Signal faced a setback when his hit track ‘Sweetie’ was removed from YouTube due to a copyright claim by gospel duo The Charambas, who alleged that Jah Signal had used the melody from their 2001 song ‘Kana Vanhu Vangu.’ The clash between the Zimdancehall artist and the gospel singers stirred discussions on social media and led to online bullying incidents among their fan bases.

In response to the copyright infringement report, The Charambas issued a diplomatic Press Statement explaining their actions. Jah Signal, on the other hand, took the high road by publicly apologizing to The Charambas, admitting his mistake, and expressing deep respect for them as elders in the music industry.

In a recent development, Jah Signal announced that he had met with Charles and Olivia Charamba to address the copyright issue. He revealed that a confidential mutual agreement had been reached, urging his fans to honor and respect this decision.

Expressing remorse, Jah Signal apologized to The Charambas and his fans, acknowledging any distress caused by his error. He emphasized the lessons learned from the incident and committed to applying them in his future endeavors.


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