Mzansi socials explode as Zimbabwean producer Mr Brown finally returns to SA

Music producer Lynol Siwela – affectionately known as Mr Brown – returned to South Africa after his rumoured deportation in 2023. With an illustrious career spanning years, Mr Brown has wowed many with his unmatched flair.

He has produced smash hits with Open Mic for award-winning stars like Makhadzi. Apart from that, he has also collaborated with a host of star singers. Despite his newfound fame, he has had his fair share of drama.


In 2023, the Home Affairs office barred Mr Brown from entering South Africa from Botswana. Rumour Mill has it that his work permit has expired. Since then, he hasn’t been in South Africa up until now. His return has thrust him into top trends since he vowed not to return to South Africa.

No doubt, his return has since left many convinced that he was taking a backseat from Makhadzi and Open Mic’s woes. The two parties had a nasty public fallout. However, according to ZiMoja, he is already in South Africa and enjoying the moment.

Mr Brown also has it that he considers South Africa as his second home. Speaking to the media, Mr Brown rubbished the deportation rumours. He has it that he was working on some projects with fellow artists back home.

Mr Brown said, “I wasn’t deported. It was a minor issue that has been sorted. I was allowed to come back long ago, but I chose to catch up with artists back home.”


Asked about the deportation rumours, Mr Brown revealed that it was a smear campaign against him. Brown has since reunited with his wife, whom he left behind after his alleged deportation. The two now also share a son.

According to reports, despite being out of the picture, his wife travelled to Zimbabwe to show the muso his newly born son.

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