Beyonce reveals her struggle from an autoimmune disease

Beyonce recently opened up about her struggle with an autoimmune illness after announcing her new line of hair care products.


The 42-year-old singer shared her “deeply personal” journey with psoriasis in an interview with Essence.I have many beautiful memories attached to my hair. From spending my childhood in my mother’s salon to my father applying oil on my scalp to treat my psoriasis — these moments have been sacred to me,” she recalled.


The Lemonade hitmaker continued how conversations and debates about such struggles in salons create a “sense of community.

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Beyonce added, “For them, it’s a place to feel beautiful and vent, laugh, share secrets and pass down wisdom. It’s the most consistent community gathering we have. It’s so important that it’s a sanctuary.” Moreover, she disclosed the meaning behind the name of her new line Cécred.

“I took the end of my name, Cé, and made it the beginning of the word sacred to create Cécred. From my mother’s salon, daily rituals with my father, and years of experience in developing a hair care line, the journey has been just that: Cécred,” Beyonce explained.

Source: People

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