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Woman catches husband in bed with her brother

A Kenyan woman has shared the shocking incident that led her to dump her husband.

The woman, who goes by the name Mama Chelsea, said on the Patanisho show that her husband, Karume, was unfaithful to her with both men and women.

Woman details ruined marriage

The lady accused her ex of being bi-sexual. Interestingly, her husband had called the radio program to seek reconciliation, and the woman decided to expose him.

She said she once walked in on her husband playing an adult game with her brother and that was the last straw for her.

She alleged that before sleeping with her brother, he had an affair with his nephew.

“He cheats with both women and men. He had a romantic relationship with his nephew and I don’t know what went wrong between them. When I brought my brother, he made him his lover. I caught them red-handed,” the woman said.

The man was stunned when she mentioned this, but the woman did not give him a chance to speak.

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