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Chiyangwa angrily confronts thieving son in leaked audio

In a country where scandals are a dime a dozen, it takes something truly spectacular to turn heads. Enter the Chiyangwa family, Zimbabwe’s very own real-life soap opera, filled with twists, turns, and an angry patriarch.

The latest episode to hit the airwaves (or should we say, social media), features Phillip Chiyangwa furiously confronting his son Edmund Chiyangwa over a mortgage-related debacle. Grab your popcorn and prepare to be entertained.

The Great Title Deed Debacle: Edmund’s Big Mistake

The scene is set when an incriminating video finds its way to iHarare.com, capturing a heated exchange between Phillip and Edmund Chiyangwa. The bone of contention? Edmund’s fraudulent manoeuvre to change the title deeds on his father’s property, presumably to secure a mortgage. As the tension escalates, Phillip spews expletives at his son, who can only manage to whimper and defend himself feebly.

Sibling Rivalries: Edmund vs. Bruce Chiyangwa, with Brian in the Corner

But wait, there’s more! In the midst of the tirade, Phillip goes on to compare Edmund to his other son, Bruce, claiming that Edmund is even worse. It seems like poor Bruce was just minding his own business, but now he’s caught in the crossfire of this explosive family drama. Meanwhile, Phillip’s other son Brian, who’s in the office with him, watches the events unfold like a spectator at a wrestling match.

A Journalist in Waiting: Rueben Barwe’s Surprise Appearance

And what’s a juicy family scandal without an unexpected guest? Rueben Barwe, the veteran ZBC journalist, makes a surprise appearance when a receptionist announces his arrival. Phillip, not wanting to be interrupted in the middle of his fatherly discipline, tells the journalist to wait.

The Grand Finale: A Call Cut Short and a Father’s Serenade

As the call continues, Edmund’s attempts to justify his actions are drowned out by his father’s relentless fury. Eventually, Phillip ends the call, leaving his son to ponder the consequences of his actions. In a bizarre twist, the enraged father starts humming to himself, perhaps finding solace in music amidst the chaos.

This Chiyangwa family saga has it all: property disputes, sibling rivalries, and even a veteran journalist waiting in the wings. It’s the kind of entertainment that puts reality TV to shame. With a story this gripping, who needs soap operas? Stay tuned, Zimbabwe, as we eagerly await the next installment in the Chiyangwa Chronicles.

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