Tyla abandons South African market: New single teaser review

Some South African fans had mixed reactions when Tyla teased her new single which is set to drop in March.

Tyla who became the youngest African artist to win at the 2024 Grammy Awards for her hit single Water, received some mixed reactions when she posted a snippet of her new single on X (formerly Twitter).

Some internet users alluded that they were no longer the target audience and that even her hit single wasn’t good enough to win a Grammy Award given that she was nominated against the biggest African artists.

The global sensation who is set to perform at the popular festival Coachella next month posted the release date for her single with the song playing in the background.

Some X users took to the comment section to share what they thought of the song with some alluding that they were no longer the target audience.


One user commented:


Another user commented:


Another user expressed their disappointment in the song.


Some positive reaction from users supporting the singer:


Another user commented:

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