Tshabangu goes after Zim musicians: Saintfloew falls victim to copyright strike

Saintfloew’s hit song “Pamwa Wanga Usingade” has been removed from YouTube following a copyright strike filed by one of the producers who allegedly worked with him on the song. Following the news of the latest copyright strike to hit a local artist, Zimbabweans have reacted to the news with humour, hilariously claiming that Tshabangu has now entered the music sphere.

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This is a reference to Sengeo Tshabangu, the self-proclaimed Secretary General of the beleaguered opposition CCC party. Tshabangu shot to infamy following his numerous recalls of MPs and Councillors who had been legitimately elected.

Jah Signal and The Charambas-Image Source@Facebook
Jah Signal and The Charambas-Image Source@Facebook

The Charamba-Jah Signal Conflict

Many Zimbabweans claimed that the local music industry now has its own Tshabangu following a flurry of copyright strikes in the last week.

Copyright Strikes hogged the headlines after Pastors Charles and Olivia Charamba filed copyright strikes against Zimdancehall artist Jah Signal. The Charambas filed copyright strikes against Jah Signal’s songs “Shinga Muroora” and “Tengai Mafuta” following the unauthorized use of their gospel songs.

Jah Signal Settles Matter

Jah Signal, who is notorious for using other people’s music without their permission, later apologized and approached the Charambas. The two parties managed to make peace following a confidential settlement.

Saintfloew In A Fix

Saintfloew is one of the latest musicians to be hit by a copyright infringement claim after producer Jamal, who was identified as Gangstamadeit by YouTube, filed the strike. It remains to be seen if Saintfloew will follow Jah Signal’s example and make peace with his producer.

Zimbabweans, on the other hand, wasted no time in making light of the situation and comparing it to the notorious Sengezo Tshabangu.

Below are some of the reactions to Saintfloew’s YouTube copyright strike by Zimbabweans on social media.

Kudzai Coutinho Masvingise:

Another Tshabangu in music

Kimo Nyangwindi:

Charamba mukoma wa Tshabangu kkkkkkk.

Keith Shakeman:

Music yava naTshabangu

Simbarashe Charles Chipinge:

Tshabangu strikes again

Easyboii Easyboii:

The Charambas started it all

Farai Kudhlande:

Inga tshabangu ari kwese… Nekumusic futi

Zireva N Patson:

Youtube kwaita Tshabhangu mumwe anoenda kunorima chete gore rino hazvipere mushe


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