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Zimbabwean farmer buys one cow for R1.8m from Ramaphosa

A Zimbabwean farmer stunned his fellows after he bought a cow from South African President Cyril Ramaphosa for R1.8 million.

The Zimbabwean, Collen Tafireyi, is a cattle breeder from Sinyo Boran & Ankole.

Every year, President Ramaphosa hosts the Ntaba Nyoni cattle auction at his Phala Phala farm in Limpopo. This year’s edition happened over the weekend on 2 March 2024. Business Live reported that Ramaphosa earned almost R15 million in sales.

The sale of a cow to Tafireyi was the highest of the auction day. Tafireyi got Khethiwe, a pregnant heifer, with its calf and paid a cool R1.8 million [US$95,262].

The second-highest sale at the cattle auction was R1m [US$52,900] for a female cow carrying an embryo.

The Ankole cattle, which Tafireyi got at President Ramaphosa’s auction, originate from Uganda. Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni is one of the best Ankole cattle breeders, and President Ramaphosa got his beasts from him. Ramaphosa got 43 cows from Museveni years back.


Zimbabwean Cyril Ramaphosa Cow
Zimbabwean Farmer Buys A Cow From South African President Cyril Ramaphosa For R1.8 Million [Image: New Vision]


Ankole cattle are a rare and valuable breed of cattle which have adapted to harsh environments and have many cultural and economic benefits. Their most distinctive feature is their large, curved horns spanning up to eight feet. These horns help them regulate their body temperature and protect them from predators.

Ankole cattle are also resistant to diseases and parasites that affect other cattle breeds. They can survive on poor-quality vegetation and limited water sources, making them suitable for dry regions. They also produce high-quality milk and meat rich in nutrients and low cholesterol.

Ankole cattle are popular among game breeders in South Africa, who buy them as a tourist attraction and for hunting.

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